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Example of a simple contract of employment




(entered into by the holder of a Job Seekers Exemption Certificate)















This contract is entered into in terms of the requirements of Job Seekers Exemption Certificate Number _________ held by the employee, which entitles her/him to negotiate and enter into agreements with employers on terms that do not conform to the standard labour legislation and regulations.




1.   This contract commences on ____________________________ .

2.   Remuneration will be __________________________________ .

3.   The total number of ordinary working hours per day/week (delete whichever is not applicable) will be _________ hour(s) and the maximum number of working hours in any one day will be _________ hour(s).

4.    The rate of pay for overtime will be _________ times the rate of pay for normal time worked.

5.    The number of paid working days leave per year will be _________ days.

6.    The number of paid working days sick leave will be _________ day(s) for every month worked with a maximum of _________ day(s) in any cycle of _________ months.

7.    Normal hours of work will be from _________ to _________ from Monday to Friday (with a _________ lunch break) and from _________ to _________ on Saturdays.

8.    This contract is subject to a probation period of _________ month(s) after which notice of termination will be at least _________ calendar week(s) by either party.

9.    During the first period of _________ month(s) the contract may be terminated by either party by giving the other party 24 hours’ notice of termination.




It is agreed that the employer will be entitled to make and retain a certified copy of the JSEC as evidence that the employee is empowered to enter into this contract but shall hand over this copy on demand to the employee on termination of the contract. It is further agreed that at the expiry of the term of the JSEC this contract will terminate automatically, and further employment will be subject to negotiation between the parties.



Signed at _______________________ on this _________ day of  _________ 20___.





_______________________________             _______________________________      

Employee                                                           Employer






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